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Custom Software

VIE Technology is a custom software development and testing company.  We provide excellent, tailor-made software.  You receive daily progress reports for every project we undertake.  We also provide training  with every software development project.  With VIE Technology the customer is always directly involved with the design, development and testing of the project.  When the project is complete the customer owns 100% of it, from the application right down to the source code and documentation.

There are four easy steps to owning your own application.  There is the design phase, development phase, testing phase and training phase.  

Design Phase:

We work hand and hand with you to create a clear and concise specification sheet as well as a project time line.  With these reports, you will know all the costs of the project up front.  There are no hidden costs and you are able to balance the costs of the project, number of features, time to completion, and the amount of testing.

Development Phase:

When the project specification sheet has been finalized the development phase begins.  All code is fully documented.  There are daily progress reports delivered via Email.  Our customers are able to view their source code at any time!

Testing Phase:

The testing phase may be able to start before the project's development phase is completed.  Our testers will meticulously check every feature in the project.  During the testing process you will receive a daily bug report.  This report will show every bug with a description and bug level.  We are also able to test software that was written by you.

Training Phase:

Upon project completion you will receive the completed software, fully documented source code, and the testing results.  VIE Technology will help you install and configure the developed software.  We can also provide your people with training.

If you have questions or proposals please write us - we will be glad to discuss them with you.

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